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This is one of the best modification of honda tiger based on my review, i like the style and i like the engine too, but the color do not catch my eyes. i like the black, the blue and the red one. It is important to use the search functions to their maximum capability when you are looking for an item within the eBay motorcycle section. But the appearance is really sporty. The more information you can put into your search terms the more likely you are to get the exact result that you want from the eBay motorcycle listings. The front lamp is also designed well. For example, if you are looking for a red Honda VFR you will get the most accurate results if you search for "red Honda VFR 750 2000" rather than simply entering "Honda VFR" which may well give you a listing including decals, spare seats, owners manuals and other items for every Honda VFR that has ever been built. The sadle is also Good. I love this Honda Tiger :)

Futuristic Sylver New Honda Tiger 2009

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Wowww, its wonderfull, it look so futuristic and i like it so much. It look so strong, and if your ride it weel you will not get an accident. Honda Tiger is allways save if you ride it well. Avoid riding during nighttime. It's hard to see other motorists at night this is especially true when there are lesser lights used. Aside from conspicuity another possible problem that may arise during nightime are the drunken drivers who are mostly coming from bar hopping spree or teenagers having their weekly night-out. Ride you Own Ride. You do not have to impress others. Know your limits and always remember safety more than anything else! Live yor life and enjoy your ride to safety!Dont You like the new honda silver style? i Like it :)

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Mobility has traditionally been the greatest obstacle for people with a physical disability. Having this Honda Tiger Motor Bike Will help you to move from one place to another place. The days of being limited to an electric wheelchair have come to an end. Modifiying the wheel chair of honda tiger is an optional. A British company has been working to develop a motorcycle for people with physical disabilities, and the results are nothing short of outstanding.

The manufacturer, Martin Conquest Ltd., has developed a motorcycle that is designed to driven from the rider's wheelchair. Alan Martin, the creator of the aptly named Conquest, spent a number of years in research and development of this amazing motorcycle. He came up with the idea after his young son became physically disabled following an accident. Do you like The Wheel chair of this honda tiger? i Like it so much ;)

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Look at this futuristic modification of honda tiger. It look so wonderfull is not it? you can save by accident if you drive it in savety. Wear your protection. Helmet, jacket/vest, gloves, pants and footwear must not be neglected. If you want total protection then, do not dare neglect any of these gears. Be conspicuous. Try to use motorcycle parts and gears that reflect or emit lights. This will help you become obvious to other motorcyclists.You do not know which body part will be hit. Most accidents happen because the road is a blurry du to rain or snow. Moreover, the use of neon colors can very well help. You do not even know if there will be a fatal crash just after mounting on your bike so you must protect everything from your head to your toe! The simple tips above i hope can protect you from the accident :)

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The next modification of hoda tiger, You may have not seen this modification. if you visit the technician then your motor bike will be modified into what you want. and in the middle process of modification your motor bike will be designed in naked style. Or if you have just got an accident, you honda tiger will be redesigned. Ready your motorcycle. Do not go into a battle with a defective sword. Thus, inspect first your motorcycle. Are the parts in good riding condition? If there are parts that need to be replaced, replace it. If there are those that need to be fixed, then fix it first. If these parts are overlooked, they will not only spoil your ride but spoil your life as well.This is just a simple tips for you for not to get involved with honda tiger accident :)

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